Occupy Wall Street… [part #2] – or rather: Why I’m Not There…

My original text was a bit long (as well as long-winded). ¬†Furthermore, the “personal details” included were, in retrospect, a bit of a distraction to the goal of the article. ¬†So I’m making them separate.

I feel that this personal tale is still noteworthy, as it gives a glimpse into a different possibility as well as proving that me, the author, not only lives in a country which has solved the issues that the US faces right now Рbut that I personally also understand, support, and in fact work with them.  Technically, however, it is not directly related to OWS at all, because it deals with a handful of different countries entirely Рand OWS is an american movement focused on american problems desiring american solutions.

In any case, for what its worth:

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Occupy Wall Street…

If you want an actual answer to the media ruckus about OWS, based on facts, by an informed political scientist/sociologist. Listen up. For those that dont care, dont read. Ironically, that indeed is the real problem here to begin with – a lack of education on topics political, economic, and such.

I am going to take directly from wikipedia most of my definitions here. Wikipedia is not 100% accurate. It is however close enough for the purposes of this text.
Ill try to make this as short as possible; but its not going to be short.

The definition of the problem that has arisen can be read about on wikipedia:
or on a plethora of other sites. People are in general protesting against the influence of monetary organizations on politics – which results in politicians making laws and policy directly for those monetary organizations which propped them up.
However, the root of this problem is in fact that the entire economic and political system in the U.S. was designed to work this way.
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