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Reality – alot of people currently dont understand much of it. Propoganda and miseducation purposefully blind people to the actual functioning of the world, mere simple facts, and things that occur. Problems here will be researched and defined scientifically, based on fact, so there can be no dispute to their validity. Solution – realistic down to earth solutions that are viable, do-able, and progressive in nature. Planning for a utopian future is great, but doesnt help us get started on acting now to make changes. Solutions here are based on experience and know-how to actually make them happen, given circumstance and situation. This blog is about real world problems, and actual solutions. Most often, especially in western modes of thought, solutions to world problems are known, but they are unaccepted due to a misconception of what is proper, politically correct, and an acceptable action. This blog is about defying this self-harming trait and illogical, irrational behavior – and providing clear-cut definitions of problems that exist – and clear-cut definitions of readily available solutions. I welcome any and all debate and discussion on the proposed solutions, as the ultimate goal is to come up with something that works. Thus, this blog is meant as a basis of philosophical debate towards action in solving problems that exist. What will not be allowed is a debate or discussion on the validity, existence, or truth about the problems presented. If you believe that the problems presented here are not actually problems that exist, I would welcome you to research your argument and submit it – however if such argument is found to be non-factual, propaganda driven, or any kind of attack on the academic discussion at hand – it will be removed. Furthermore if you believe that the problems presented are misrepresented factually, once again I urge you to provide a well researched argument which will be investigated thoroughly. Additionally on that note, I promise that every single such fact-based argument with supporting evidence provided here will be very welcomed. If such an argument provides information that can more clearly define the original problem, it will be incorporated. Once again, the goal here is to have an unbiased view on the situations of the world based on fact and fact alone – and an unbiased view on the actual, most logical, rational, and feasible solutions to the problems that exist. Leave your emotional baggage at the door… Lastly – This blog is not meant to please anyone, for these solutions are often times, as has been stated already, hard to “swallow”. They require us to move outside of our own acceptable barriers of correctness, morality, and willingness. Often this is due to miseducation on certain topics; and other times, moving outside of these barriers is what is required of us to solve issues that themselves do not dwell within these same barriers. Therefore as long as solutions maintain a moral high-ground (the ultimate goal in any solution) any and all valid solutions will be entertained and welcomed. There are no taboo issues here. This is a page for the educated, informed, and concerned; who are ready to accept responsibility and act.

Occupy Wall Street… [part #2] – or rather: Why I’m Not There…

My original text was a bit long (as well as long-winded).  Furthermore, the “personal details” included were, in retrospect, a bit of a distraction to the goal of the article.  So I’m making them separate.

I feel that this personal tale is still noteworthy, as it gives a glimpse into a different possibility as well as proving that me, the author, not only lives in a country which has solved the issues that the US faces right now – but that I personally also understand, support, and in fact work with them.  Technically, however, it is not directly related to OWS at all, because it deals with a handful of different countries entirely – and OWS is an american movement focused on american problems desiring american solutions.

In any case, for what its worth:

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Occupy Wall Street…

If you want an actual answer to the media ruckus about OWS, based on facts, by an informed political scientist/sociologist. Listen up. For those that dont care, dont read. Ironically, that indeed is the real problem here to begin with – a lack of education on topics political, economic, and such.

I am going to take directly from wikipedia most of my definitions here. Wikipedia is not 100% accurate. It is however close enough for the purposes of this text.
Ill try to make this as short as possible; but its not going to be short.

The definition of the problem that has arisen can be read about on wikipedia:
or on a plethora of other sites. People are in general protesting against the influence of monetary organizations on politics – which results in politicians making laws and policy directly for those monetary organizations which propped them up.
However, the root of this problem is in fact that the entire economic and political system in the U.S. was designed to work this way.
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